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As we celebrate USAREC's 50th birthday, I would like to congratulate the entire command, its soldiers, civilian and family members for 50 great and successful years of continued service to our Army and our country. I have served nearly eight years of my 15 year career in USAREC, and I am genuinely dignified and honored to be a part of such a special command.
During my time in USAREC, I have experienced many changes, not only within the command, but more importantly, changes within myself both personally and professionally. The profession of recruiting selfless and courageous young men and women into our Army is one of distinction and of privilege and it has grown significantly within me. When I reflect on my senior year in high school, I cannot help but think of how confused and lost I was about my future, but that soon changed when I met with my recruiter, then, SSG Donna Shields. I remember her as a caring, loving, and professional NCO who took an honest interest in my future and I wanted to be just like her, a Soldier. I now have the same opportunity, to assist, guide, and mentor great Americans in accomplishing lifelong goals, just as I have, and the feeling is indescribable.
As a command that has experienced many changes since its
activation on October 1st, 1964, one thing remains constant - to effectively, successfully, and continuously provide the strength for our Army, with quality young men and women. Such vital task is that of USAREC's finest Soldiers and civilians, whose proven ability, commitment, and dedication represent the exceptional traditions of the Army, military service, and USAREC. I am proud to celebrate such monumental achievement with everyday professionals that take pride in changing people's lives.

As a command that is constantly evolving, USAREC, always prioritizes the welfare of its Soldiers and family members, thus, it is important that we continue to provide the strength for our Army in the face of adversity and changes, our nation is relying on us. The unwavering commitment and dedication of its members is what has made USAREC great for 50 years and what will make it even greater for another 50 years and beyond.

Congratulations USAREC, you look great at 50!

SFC Hector Lopez
U.S. Army Recruiter
Pearlridge Army Career Center
98-151 Pali Momi Street Ste 108
Aiea, Hawaii 96701

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My recruiting duty began in April 2003 with Harrisburg BN w/duty in the Carlisle, PA recruiting station.  Being on recruiting duty allowed me the  during my 32 months on mission. I joined USAREC as a volunteer recruiter at the age of 26, I was told how hard I would work the first year, then I would learn to work smart.  I took that statement to heart. I learned how to become a smarter recruiter, being surrounded by other great recruiters in the station allowed us to become the Top Station for two consecutive years.

I was fortunate to be recognized several times over my three year tour in USAREC as top High Grad and New Recruiter in FY92, Top RA Recruiter in FY 93, and FY94 for Harrisburg BN to name a few.  At my TTE review board my 1SG  asked me if I wanted to continue in USAREC, my only response was, “Yes 1SG, my finger is in need of a new ring”.  I was very fortunate to earn my recruiting ring in only 23 months in USAREC.  My wife and I were sent to Fort Meade, MD along with 10 other recruiters across the US to be presented with our rings by Chief of Staff General Gordon R. Sullivan. 

I was torn between staying in USAREC and going back to the Army as an 88M.  I learned about a cross-walk program where I could convert to 00R as a Career Counselor.  Submitted my DA4187 and in April 2005 I graduated the Career Counselor course.  I continued my career with my USAREC gained skill-set in the Army as a Career Counselor.  I eventually retired as the Senior Career Counselor for The Old Guard in Fort Myer, VA in April 2005. I have been extremely blessed as my two sons have also followed in my footsteps as Soldiers, my wife and I couldn’t be any prouder. 

Kevin Herman AFC, MBA
Financial Readiness Counselor
Program Manager
Army Community Service,
2111 South 8th Avenue
Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5150

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Happy 50th to USAREC:

I wanted to share a picture of myself, as a proud Recruiter circa 1983, shaking hands with the then US Army Montgomery Recruiting Battalion Commander, LTC Don Butts;  and the two of us at a recent Battalion Reunion
in Guntersville, Alabama in 2013.

The fantastic friendships and Esprit that we shared have stood the test of time and the battalion still gets together yearly to share the memories!

We were a winning team and we're still proud of what we accomplished!

Best Regards!

Kathy Czukor
USAREC 1978-1984

<![CDATA[USAREC 50th Anniversary Stories - David Sorensen]]>Thu, 02 Oct 2014 14:51:13 GMThttp://www.therecruiterjournal.com/50th-anniversary-of-usarec/usarec-50th-anniversary-stories-david-sorensenPicture
My adventure with USAREC started 20 years ago in the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion.  Reflecting back to a time when we did not have cell phones, laptops, scanners, and social media; it was like recruiting in the Dark Ages.

We wore Class Bs every day.  Although I went through 4 pairs of corfam shoes a year, I thought we looked more professional back then.  Overweight Soldiers could not hide if they had to tuck in their shirt every day.

The attached picture was taken during my first visit to the Harrisburg MEPS. I had so many questions that day!  MSG Hale was my senior guidance counselor and he was trying his best to keep up with me. I'd ask, Why do we have applicants on the floor with waivers pending?  Why does the floor count never match our projections?  Why do we have to work to midnight on end-of-month Monday? Why are you always on the phone with the ROC?  Who is Frank Shaffery?

David A. Sorensen
Deputy Inspector General
U.S. Army Recruiting Command
1307 Third Ave
Fort Knox, KY 40121